xoblite bb3 | RC1 | | December 31st, 2005 | all changes

  • Manual positioning of all UI elements (Toolbar+Systembar+Slit) using Ctrl+Drag is now supported! :D
  • Numerous improvements to the built-in taskbar functionality:
        - The systembar.taskbar can now swap places with the toolbar.windowLabel! :D
          (i.e. making it possible to place the taskbar on the toolbar a la Fluxbox)
        - Taskbar button flashing is now supported (used by e.g. instant messaging applications)
        - Drag'n'drop of files onto task buttons is now supported
        - It is now configurable whether or not inactive task buttons should have a background drawn
        - Lots of new taskbar button mouse click commands (e.g. Alt+MidClick to shade/unshade)
  • Introducing a xoblite style balloon tooltips replacement - xobloon notifications! =]
  • Including a new advanced sticky windows plugin - Glue! :D
  • Major improvements to the style parsing engine and new rendering options
        - Support for the new Blackbox 0.70 style syntax (including fallback to the original syntax for optimum compatibility) 8)
        - Support for dynamic resizing of the toolbar/systembar based on font size + menu marginWidths (configurable)
  • Added support for menu [path] folder merging and wildcard search patterns
  • Enhanced menu MidClick functionality (e.g. copy a complete bsetbg rootCommand for a wallpaper to the clipboard)
  • New application environment variable ($Clipboard$) and core bro@ms (@xoblite MinimizeAll/RestoreAll)
  • Apply styles by double clicking on .style files (assign extension to Blackbox.exe) or using Blackbox.exe <PathToStyle>
  • Fixed the infamous/elusive crash on shutdown bug... :)
  • Updated *box API support for improved plugin compatibility (e.g. BBTaskMenu and bbIconBox)
  • Further streamlining of the code (executable only 299 kB despite all new functionality)
  • Online documentation (will be available later, for now read the included changes.txt for details)
  • New style - solid'n'pale - in addition to the tried'n'tested xoblite bb2 styles... ;)
  • Lots of major and minor bug fixes and improvements
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    Legacy changes (Blackbox for Windows up to 0.0.70) can be found here.

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