xoblite bb1 | | August 29th, 2003 | all changes

  • *Much* improved plugin architecture:
        - Plugin handling (load/unload) is now performed using the menu (no more manual editing of plugins.rc)! :D
        - Improved ease-of-use (no more "&-loading") and faster restarts with updated plugins
        - More error resilient + user friendly error messages... <g>
  • Integrated slit with unique experimental "Puzzle" plugin positioning... 8)
  • Integrated systembar with new placement options (e.g. DockedToSlit), updated icon mode with
        saturation/hue, MinimizeAllWindows and RestoreAllWindows using X1/X2 click on the taskbar, etc.
  • The toolbar and the systembar can now be resized using the mousewheel!
  • All core UI elements (toolbar/systembar/slit) can now be temporarily moved using Ctrl+Drag
  • Much improved menu rendering, better looking bullets and bool indicators + "Alternative bullets" mode
  • New "Styles" menu that can be opened instead of the Workspaces menu when mid clicking the desktop
  • Lots of new configuration options in extensions.rc
  • Most settings are now configurable from the core menus and saved to blackbox.rc / extensions.rc
        on change instead of at restart, once again keeping manual .rc editing to a minimum!
  • Visibility for the toolbar/systembar/slit/plugins can now be toggled using the menu
  • Support for multiple users, each with a different set of configuration files
  • Support for global and application environment variables -> no hard-coded paths! :D
  • Better style parsing, including basic font substitution and improved wildcard support
  • New style settings: menu.frame.bulletColor, menu.hilite.bulletColor, window.button.pressed.picColor,
        menu.indicator, menu.indicator.color and menu.indicator.colorTo (all fully backwards compatible!) 8)
  • Miscellaneous workarounds for better compatibility with Windows 9x/ME... :P
  • Uses a subset of the Blackbox for Windows API -> compatible with most of the available plugins
  • Online documentation (will be available later, for now read the included changes.txt for details)
  • qwilk style bonanza! -> x-coal, liquid concrete, elyts, colour-blind and seaworthy...
  • ...and an updated font pack with fixed gelly, glisp and glisp-bold fonts! 8)
  • Lots of major and minor bug fixes, fixed mem leaks, new features + a new xoblite icon! =]
  • Legacy changes (Blackbox for Windows up to 0.0.70) can be found here.

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