xoblite -> an alternative shell based on Blackbox for Windows
 Copyright  2002-2005 Karl-Henrik Henriksson [qwilk]
 Copyright  2001-2004 The Blackbox for Windows Development Team
 http://xoblite.net/ - #bb4win on irc.freenode.net

  Blackbox for Windows is free software, released under the
  GNU General Public License (GPL version 2 or later), with an extension
  that allows linking of proprietary modules under a controlled interface.
  What this means is that plugins etc. are allowed to be released
  under any license the author wishes. Please note, however, that the
  original Blackbox gradient math code used in Blackbox for Windows
  is available under the BSD license.


  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU General Public License for more details.

  For additional license information, please read the included license.html


#ifndef __BBAPI_H_ 
#define __BBAPI_H_ 

#if _MSC_VER > 1000 
#pragma once 

//#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN                           // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers
#define VC_EXTRALEAN                                            // Exclude rarely-used stuff from Windows headers (more aggressive) 

#define NOCRYPT                                                         // Exclude encryption stuff 
#define NOSERVICE                                                       // Exclude service stuff 
#define NOIME                                                           // ...etc... 
#define NOMCX 

#ifndef _WIN32_WINNT 
#define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0500 

#ifndef DLL_EXPORT                                                      // Removes compiler dependencies 
#define DLL_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport) 

#include <windows.h> 
#include <stdio.h> 


#define MAX_LINE_LENGTH 4096 


// BImage gradients
#define B_HORIZONTAL 0 
#define B_VERTICAL 1 
#define B_DIAGONAL 2 
#define B_PIPECROSS 4 
#define B_ELLIPTIC 5 
#define B_RECTANGLE 6 
#define B_PYRAMID 7 
#define B_SOLID 8 

// BImage bevels
#define BEVEL_FLAT 0 
#define BEVEL_RAISED 1 
#define BEVEL_SUNKEN 2 

#define BEVEL1 1 
#define BEVEL2 2 


// Blackbox messages

#define BB_REGISTERMESSAGE              10001 
#define BB_UNREGISTERMESSAGE    10002 

#define BB_QUIT                                 10101 
#define BB_RESTART                              10102 
#define BB_RECONFIGURE                  10103 
#define BB_SETSTYLE                             10104 
//#define BB_EXITTYPE                   10105   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_TOOLBARUPDATE              10106   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
#define BB_SETTHEME                             10107 

#define BB_EDITFILE                             10201   // Param3: 0=CurrentStyle 1=menu.rc, 2=plugins.rc, 3=extensions.rc, 4=blackbox.rc 
//#define BB_EXECUTE                    10202   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_ABOUTSTYLE                 10203   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_ABOUTPLUGINS               10204   // (definition reserved by bb4win)

#define BB_MENU                                 10301   // Param3: 0=Main menu, 1=Workspaces menu, 2=Toolbar menu, 3=Systembar menu, 4=Slit menu 
#define BB_HIDEMENU                             10302 
//#define BB_TOGGLETRAY                 10303   // This message has been renamed, use BB_TOGGLESYSTEMBAR instead!
#define BB_TOGGLESYSTEMBAR              10303   // Replaces BB_TOGGLETRAY 
#define BB_SETTOOLBARLABEL              10304   // Used to set the toolbar label (returns to normal after 2 seconds) 
#define BB_TOGGLEPLUGINS                10305 
#define BB_SUBMENU                              10306 
#define BB_TOGGLESLIT                   10307 
#define BB_TOGGLETOOLBAR                10308 

#define BB_SHUTDOWN                             10401   // Param3: 0=Shutdown, 1=Reboot, 2=Logoff, 3=Hibernate, 4=Suspend, 5=LockWorkstation 
#define BB_RUN                                  10402 
//#define BB_COMMAND                    10403   // (definition reserved by bb4win)

#define BB_DESKTOPINFO                  10501 
#define BB_LISTDESKTOPS                 10502 
#define BB_SWITCHTON                    10503 
#define BB_BRINGTOFRONT                 10504 
#define BB_WORKSPACE                    10505   // Param3: 0=DeskLeft, 1=DeskRight, 2=AddDesktop, 3=DelDesktop, 4=DeskSwitchToN, 
                                                                                //         5=GatherWindows 6=MoveWindowLeft, 7=MoveWindowRight

//#define BB_TASKSUPDATE                10506   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
#define BB_TRAYUPDATE                   10507 
//#define BB_CLEANTRAY                  10508   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_CLEANTASKS                 10509   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
#define BB_DRAGTODESKTOP                10510 

#define BB_ADDTASK                              10601   // Hook messages... 
#define BB_REMOVETASK                   10602 
#define BB_ACTIVETASK                   10604 
#define BB_MINMAXTASK                   10605 
#define BB_REDRAW                               10610 

#define BB_WINDOWSHADE                  10606   // Window handling messages... 
#define BB_WINDOWGROWHEIGHT             10607 
#define BB_WINDOWGROWWIDTH              10608 
#define BB_WINDOWLOWER                  10609 
//#define BB_MINIMIZE                   10611   // This message has been renamed, use BB_WINDOWMINIMIZE instead!
#define BB_WINDOWMINIMIZE               10611 
#define BB_WINDOWRAISE                  10612 
//#define BB_WINDOWMAXIMIZE             10613   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_WINDOWRESTORE              10614   // (definition reserved by bb4win)
//#define BB_WINDOWCLOSE                10615   // (definition reserved by bb4win)

//#define BB_BBSB_NOTIFY                10882   // (definition reserved by bb4win)

#define BB_BROADCAST                    10901   // Broadcast messages (bro@m -> the bang killah! :D <vbg>) 


#define DOCK_ADD                                11001   // Plugin docking messages 
#define DOCK_REMOVE                             11002   // (same def's as SLIT_*, for experimental purposes only!!!)
#define DOCK_UPDATE                             11003 

#define SLIT_ADD                                11001   // Slit plugin docking messages 
#define SLIT_REMOVE                             11002 
#define SLIT_UPDATE                             11003 


// pluginInfo
#define PLUGIN_NAME                             1 
#define PLUGIN_VERSION                  2 
#define PLUGIN_AUTHOR                   3 
//#define PLUGIN_RELEASE                4       // This message has been renamed, use PLUGIN_RELEASEDATE instead!
#define PLUGIN_RELEASEDATE              4 
#define PLUGIN_LINK                             5 
#define PLUGIN_EMAIL                    6 
#define PLUGIN_BROAMS                   7 
#define PLUGIN_UPDATE_URL               8 


// Support for external system tray plugins (used as LPARAM for BB_TRAYUPDATE)

// Support for external task handling plugins (used as LPARAM for BB_TASKSUPDATE)


// Constants for GetSettingPtr(int index)
         SN_TOOLBAR = 1             // StyleItem *
        ,SN_TOOLBARBUTTON           // StyleItem *
        ,SN_TOOLBARBUTTONP          // StyleItem *
        ,SN_TOOLBARLABEL            // StyleItem *
        ,SN_TOOLBARWINDOWLABEL      // StyleItem *
        ,SN_TOOLBARCLOCK            // StyleItem *
        ,SN_MENUTITLE               // StyleItem *
        ,SN_MENUFRAME               // StyleItem *
        ,SN_MENUHILITE              // StyleItem *

        ,SN_MENUBULLET              // char *
        ,SN_MENUBULLETPOS           // char *

        ,SN_BORDERWIDTH             // int *
        ,SN_BORDERCOLOR             // int *
        ,SN_BEVELWIDTH              // int *
        ,SN_FRAMEWIDTH              // int *
        ,SN_HANDLEWIDTH             // int *

        ,SN_ROOTCOMMAND             // char *

        ,SN_MENUALPHA               // int *
        ,SN_TOOLBARALPHA            // int *

        ,SN_METRICSUNIX             // bool *
        ,SN_BULLETUNIX              // bool *

        // For compatibility with bbLeanSkin/bbIconBox...
        // ########### WORK IN PROGRESS / TBD ###########

    ,SN_WINFOCUS_TITLE                  // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINFOCUS_LABEL                  // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINFOCUS_HANDLE                 // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINFOCUS_GRIP                   // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINFOCUS_BUTTON                 // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINFOCUS_BUTTONP                // StyleItem *

    ,SN_WINUNFOCUS_TITLE                // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINUNFOCUS_LABEL                // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINUNFOCUS_HANDLE               // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINUNFOCUS_GRIP                 // StyleItem *
    ,SN_WINUNFOCUS_BUTTON               // StyleItem *


    ,SN_NEWMETRICS                              // bool (not a pointer)



COLORREF ParseLiteralColor(LPCSTR colour);
void ClearSticky();

// Unique Blackbox DWORD (same as in LiteStep to make apps like Winamp sticky)
// NOTE: This method is obsolete, use MakeSticky/RemoveSticky/CheckSticky instead!
// const long magicDWord = 0x49474541;


typedef struct StyleItem
        int bevelstyle;
        int bevelposition;
        int type;
        bool parentRelative;
        bool interlaced;

        COLORREF Color;
        COLORREF ColorTo;
        COLORREF TextColor;
        int FontHeight;
        int FontWeight;
        int Justify;
        int validated;
        char Font[128];

        // ========================
    // bbLean "experimental"...
    int nVersion;
    int marginWidth;
    int borderWidth;
    COLORREF borderColor;
    COLORREF foregroundColor;
    COLORREF disabledColor;
    bool bordered;
        // ========================

        bool FontShadow;

} StyleItem;

#define PicColor TextColor 


class Menu;
class MenuItem;


extern "C" 
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR GetBBVersion();
        DLL_EXPORT HWND GetBBWnd();
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR GetOSInfo();
        DLL_EXPORT bool WINAPI GetBlackboxPath(LPSTR path, int maxLength);


        DLL_EXPORT HINSTANCE BBExecute(HWND Owner, LPCSTR szOperation, LPCSTR szCommand, LPCSTR szArgs, LPCSTR szDirectory, int nShowCmd, bool noErrorMsgs);

        DLL_EXPORT void Log(LPCSTR variable, LPCSTR description);
        DLL_EXPORT int MBoxErrorFile(LPCSTR szFile);
        DLL_EXPORT int MBoxErrorValue(LPCSTR szValue);


        DLL_EXPORT LPSTR Tokenize(LPCSTR sourceString, LPSTR targetString, LPSTR delimiter);
        DLL_EXPORT int BBTokenize (LPCSTR sourceString, LPSTR* targetStrings, DWORD numTokensToParse, LPSTR remainingString);
        DLL_EXPORT bool IsInString(LPCSTR inputString, LPCSTR searchString);


        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR bbrcPath(LPCSTR bbrcFileName=NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR menuPath(LPCSTR menurcFileName=NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR plugrcPath(LPCSTR pluginrcFileName=NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR extensionsrcPath(LPCSTR extensionsrcFileName=NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR stylePath(LPCSTR styleFileName=NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT void GetBlackboxEditor(LPSTR editor);


        bool DownloadFile(LPCSTR url, LPCSTR path);

        DLL_EXPORT FILE *FileOpen(LPCSTR fileName);
        DLL_EXPORT bool FileClose(FILE *filePointer);

        DLL_EXPORT bool FileRead(FILE *filePointer, LPSTR readString);
        DLL_EXPORT bool FileExists(LPCSTR szFileName);
        DLL_EXPORT LPCSTR ConfigFileExists(LPCSTR filename, LPCSTR pluginDir);
        bool FolderExists(LPCSTR szFolderPath);


        DLL_EXPORT LPSTR ReadValue(LPCSTR fp, LPCSTR keyword, LPLONG ptr = NULL);
        DLL_EXPORT bool ReadBool(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR string, bool defaultBool);
        DLL_EXPORT int ReadInt(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR string, int defaultInt);
        DLL_EXPORT LPSTR ReadString(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR string, LPSTR defaultString);
        DLL_EXPORT COLORREF ReadColor(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR string, LPCSTR defaultString);
        DLL_EXPORT bool ReadNextCommand(FILE *filePointer, LPSTR readLine, DWORD lineLength);

        DLL_EXPORT void WriteBool(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR keyword, bool value);
        DLL_EXPORT void WriteInt(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR keyword, int value);
        DLL_EXPORT void WriteString(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR keyword, LPSTR value);
        DLL_EXPORT void WriteColor(LPCSTR filePointer, LPCSTR keyword, COLORREF value);

        DLL_EXPORT void* GetSettingPtr(int index);

        DLL_EXPORT void ParseItem(LPCSTR szItem, StyleItem *item);

        DLL_EXPORT LPSTR StrRemoveEncap(LPSTR string);
        DLL_EXPORT void ReplaceEnvVars(LPSTR string);
        DLL_EXPORT void ReplaceShellFolders(LPSTR string);
        DLL_EXPORT void ParseFontString(LPSTR string, StyleItem *item);
        DLL_EXPORT void CheckFontSubstitution(LPSTR font);

        bool CopyStringToClipboard(LPSTR string);
        bool RetrieveStringFromClipboard(LPSTR target);


        DLL_EXPORT void MakeGradient(HDC hdc, RECT rect, int gradientType, COLORREF colourFrom, COLORREF colourTo, bool interlaced, int bevelStyle, int bevelPosition, int bevelWidth, COLORREF borderColour, int borderWidth);
        DLL_EXPORT void MakeStyleGradient(HDC hdc, RECT *rect, StyleItem *item, bool withBorder);
        DLL_EXPORT void CreateBorder(HDC hdc, RECT *rect, int borderColour, int borderWidth);
        DLL_EXPORT HFONT CreateStyleFont(StyleItem *item);

        void DrawTextWithShadow(HDC hdc, LPSTR text, RECT r, unsigned int format, COLORREF textColor, COLORREF shadowColor, bool shadow);


        DLL_EXPORT Menu *MakeMenu(LPCSTR HeaderText);
        DLL_EXPORT void DelMenu(Menu *PluginMenu);
        DLL_EXPORT Menu *MakeNamedMenu(LPCSTR HeaderText, LPCSTR MenuId, bool popup);

        DLL_EXPORT MenuItem *MakeSubmenu(Menu *ParentMenu, Menu *ChildMenu, LPCSTR Title);

        DLL_EXPORT MenuItem *MakeMenuItem(Menu *PluginMenu, LPCSTR Title, LPCSTR Cmd, bool ShowIndicator);
        DLL_EXPORT MenuItem *MakeMenuNOP(Menu *PluginMenu, LPCSTR Title);
        DLL_EXPORT MenuItem *MakeMenuItemInt(Menu *PluginMenu, LPCSTR Title, LPCSTR Cmd, int val, int minval, int maxval);
        DLL_EXPORT MenuItem *MakeMenuItemString(Menu *PluginMenu, LPCSTR Title, LPCSTR Cmd, LPCSTR init_string);

        DLL_EXPORT void ShowMenu(Menu *PluginMenu);


        DLL_EXPORT bool IsAppWindow(HWND hwnd);
        DLL_EXPORT bool SetTransparency(HWND hwnd, BYTE alpha);
        DLL_EXPORT void SnapWindowToEdge(WINDOWPOS* windowPosition, int snapDistance, bool useScreenSize);


        DLL_EXPORT void MakeSticky(HWND window);
        DLL_EXPORT void RemoveSticky(HWND window);
        DLL_EXPORT bool CheckSticky(HWND window);


    typedef struct string_node
                struct string_node *next;
                char str[1];
        } string_node;

        class DesktopInfo
                char name[32];  // Name of the workspace
                bool isCurrent; // Is this the current workspace?
                int number;             // Workspace number
        int ScreensX;   // Total number of workspaces (for bbLean compatibility only)
        string_node *deskNames; // List of all workspace names (for bbLean compatibility only)

    DLL_EXPORT void GetDesktopInfo(DesktopInfo *deskInfo);


        // Support for external system trays (e.g. BBTray)

        typedef struct
                HWND    hWnd;
                UINT    uID;
                UINT    uCallbackMessage;
                HICON   hIcon;
                char    szTip[256];
                int             x,y;
                RECT    iconRect;
                // For balloon tooltips -> xobloon notifications (for xoblite internal use only, not aligned with bb4win/bbLean!)
        char    szInfoTitle[64];
        char    szInfo[256];
        DWORD   dwInfoFlags;
        UINT    uTimeout;
        } trayIconItem;

        DLL_EXPORT int GetTraySize();
        DLL_EXPORT trayIconItem* GetTrayIcon(int pointer);

        DLL_EXPORT bool GetUnderExplorer();


        // Support for external taskbars (NOTE: Not all bb4win functions are supported!)

        DLL_EXPORT int GetTaskListSize();
        DLL_EXPORT void SetTaskWorkspace(HWND hwnd, int workspace);
        DLL_EXPORT int GetTaskWorkspace(HWND hwnd);
        DLL_EXPORT HWND GetTask(int pointer);
        DLL_EXPORT int GetActiveTask();
        DLL_EXPORT struct tasklist* GetTaskListPtr(void);

        struct tasklist
                struct tasklist *next;
                HWND  hwnd;
                HICON icon;
                int   wkspc;
                //bool hidden;
                char  caption[256];


#endif /* __BBAPI_H_ */ 

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